Drumbo Outdoor Facilities

The Facility

Located at 41 Centre St. in Drumbo, this park has two softball diamonds, soccer pitches, a beach volleyball court and playground as well as pavilion. The softball diamonds are considered class A and is available to all levels of softball. The soccer pitches have multiple fields. Provided the sport facilities are not booked, park visitors are welcome to use the space at their own leisure. There is no booking required for the beach volleyball court.


Ball Diamond Classification

Fees & Charges


Softball2 Softball diamonds
SoccerSoccer pitch
VolleyballBeach volleyball court
ParkingParking Nearby
PavilionCovered pavilion
Drumbo Park Diamond

Soccer Pitch

The village of Drumbo's soccer pitch is located at the Drumbo park, 41 Centre St. in Drumbo. The soccer pitch is available for recreational soccer and has goal posts in place. 


Covered pavilion with picnic tables is available for booking for your event. Please use the facility calendar to view available dates and times and to request a booking.


Featuring 2 modern playgrounds with climbers, slides and swings


Beach Volleyball Court

Located in Drumbo Park at 41 Centre Street in the village of Drumbo. The single court is available May to October. The net is in a fixed location to serve all ages. No need to reserve this area, just bring your own volleyball.

Facility Availability Calendar

Use the calendar below to view dates and times available for booking at this facility

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Ryan Nechelput
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Ken Wood
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